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Learn how an easy, daily fitness routine for your dog can support a long, healthy, mobile life.

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Hello, I'm Deb!

I'm so grateful you're here! You may not know me yet but I specialize in helping pet parents incorporate a  fitness program for their dogs.  Yes, even if your life is already full of "all the things". 

My mission is to help you learn how to execute a simple, effective fitness routine for your dog so that they can share a long, healthy, mobile life with you.

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In Person or Online Hosted Group Workshops

Do you have clients interested in Canine Fitness or a training team wanting to learn how to uplevel their dog's performance by incorporating fitness training into their life?  

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Whether your dog is your weekend hiking buddy, a high-flying frisbee catcher, or an agility star your dog will benefit from having a strong, flexible body.  

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